Zombies, Werewolves, & Demons

by The EverDead

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The EverDead's long-delayed proper full-length album. The recording for this album began in the spring of 2005, but the band dissolved before it was completely finished (most of the music was done but almost none of the vocals). Nearly a decade later, the album was unearthed, finally completed, and released in February of 2015.


released February 6, 2015

All songs written by The EverDead except “Succubus” written by Alex Story and originally performed by Cancerslug, and “Dream Master” a parody of “Anything, Anything (I’ll Give You)” written by John Easdale and originally performed by Dramarama.

All lyrics by Adam Dravian except “Switchblade Life” written by Bobby Baron and altered by Adam Dravian, and “Succubus” written by Alex Story.

Cover art by Ravenous.

Guitars on all tracks by Sam Bones except for “The Ageless Stranger” and “The House up on the Hill” by Rodney Repulsive.

Bass on all tracks by Bobby Baron except for the synth bass in the “Eerie Twilight” tracks by Michael Mortis.

Keyboards on all tracks by Michael Mortis.

Drums on all tracks by Bludlux except for the programmed drums in “Dream Master” by Bobby Baron and the “Eerie Twilight” tracks by Michael Mortis.

Lead vocals on all tracks by Adam Dravian.

Backing vocals by Adam Dravian, Jessica Safron, Greggory Samsa, and Michael Mortis.

“The Nightmare (Interlude)” written and performed by Adam Dravian and Jessica Safron. Background music by Michael Mortis.

All songs engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered by Michael Mortis.

A note on the recording of this album: All of Bludlux’s drums, Sam’s guitars, and Bobby’s bass for this album were recorded in 2005, as were the vocals for “Werewolves of the Bloodmoon” and some of Mike’s keyboards. The instruments for “Dream Master” were recorded sometime in 2002-2003. The rest of the vocals and keyboards for this album were recorded during 2013-2015. Rodney Repulsive’s guitars were recorded in 2014.



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The EverDead Grand Rapids, Michigan

A horror-themed rock band from Grand Rapids, MI. Formed in the spring of 2000.

Adam Dravian: vocals
Sam Bones: guitar
Bobby Baron: bass
Michael Mortis: keyboards
Bludlux: drums

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Track Name: Werewolves of the Bloodmoon
We that drank of its blood
In the dark we roam
To be reborn on this night
Power we now know
Bloodmoon beckons us now
For we are its kin
Savage beasts of blood
Our cycle shall begin
We shall kill all that’s in sight
Slaughter this disease dubbed human life
The reckoning is at hand, our time is now
Track Name: Switchblade Life
Little Johnny rides atop his bike
Decked in leather and looking to fight
Like a demon tearing through the night
No, Johnny’s not afraid to die
Little Johnny under electric light, yeah
Spots his prey, got his fist clenched tight, yeah
Up walks the villain and he’s gripping a knife
Yeah, Johnny might die tonight
Johnny, don’t do it, again and again and…
Johnny will fight ‘til the end of, the end of his life
Little Johnny stalks a Saturday night
Vigilante out to make things right
They took his woman now he’ll take their lives
Yeah, Johnny’s out for blood tonight
Little Johnny on a dark dark night, yeah
Little Johnny under crimson light, yeah
To learn the lesson of a switchblade life
Yeah, Johnny’s gonna die tonight
It was Friday night, 13th of the month
On the beach, Johnny and his girl
Making love ‘til they came by
Troublemakers looking for fun
They did his girl right before his eyes
Left him for dead on that bloodstained night
But Johnny’s back and he’s out for revenge
He keeps killing again and again
Track Name: Cult of the Darkest Demon
Demon lord divine, hear us beckon you
Summoned from the depths to birth the world anew
Ancient power rise, destruction in your wake
Lay the land to waste
And the world comes down on this blackest day
And the blood shall pour like a crimson rain
And the corpses rise out from their graves
As chaos reigns
Incantations under the Samhain moon
Sacrifice gives birth to the planet’s doom
Retribution now, the time is near
Gaze upon living fear
Track Name: Zombies in the Night
Little girl, take my hand and walk with me
I’ll lay you in the grove of the dying trees
Where the full moon casts its frozen glow, below
Here in this sacred place we’ll dwell
Cast our own revision of that ancient spell
I’ve only conjured it with you
Oh, I swear it’s true
We dance like zombies in the night
Two lovers bathed under lunar light
Heedless of the world and our own coming demise
Will I die a victim of your bite, ever cast away into the coldest light
Or will I be the one who sheds the light from your eyes
My body rots yet you embrace me ever more
Could your beauty mask a worthless fucking whore
You say our chains may never bust
But they’ll rust
Rain falls, a premonition that’s so cruel
Of the tears that shall flow from out of you
Our love shall never know the term: forevermore
Track Name: Samhain Eve (The Night of Mr. Skull)
Mr. Skull’s a corpse who was brought back from the dead
He’s got a knife in his hand, a skull mask on his head
Mr. Skull just loves it when his victims are bled
And on this Halloween night he will paint the world red
Well, he’s stalking the streets knifing every fuck he meets
Mr. Skull
To slay this bitch on this night of trick and treats
Mr. Skull
Scream away into the night, your pretty corpse’ll make such a sight
Now’s the time, blood feast shall begin
Mr. Skull
In the glow of the jack-’o-lantern’s grin
Mr. Skull
His evil mask is the last you’ll see as you join these fallen leaves
On Samhain Eve, rise from death to kill
Mr. Skull
For the Beast, Autumn’s blood shall spill
Mr. Skull
Complete the sacrifice, may her blood flow through the night
Mr. Skull’s so happy, Mr. Skull’s so happy, Mr. Skull’s so happy when he’s killing you
Track Name: My Human Prey
I stalk the night on the hunt for you
I’m a beast that’s on the prowl and you know it’s true
Right on your trail, I own the night
I want the blood flowing through your veins, it’s no use to fight
You’re my human prey
Thoughts of terror running through your mind
As you’re looking for the shelter that you can’t find
You scream in pain as I bite your flesh
It’s all about the hunt, but god I love the catch
Track Name: The Ageless Stranger
Walking along the paved paths of man
As he seeks to bathe the world in sin
Ever changing, he knows no form
Awake to watch the calm before the storm
He knows no title, hell unbridled
He knows no end, unholy friend
He knows no bounds, the thinny sounds
Before him cower, a servant of the tower
You don’t know his name and you never will
You must play his game or you’ll never live
He unleashes his plague and his misery
The Ageless Stranger that haunts your dreams
Track Name: It's Raining Blood Tonight
It’s raining blood tonight, a black angel’s crying
It’s raining blood tonight, all love is dying
It’s raining blood tonight, all hell across the land
The devil cries tonight, the blood of man
We’ll all bathe in blood, baby
Cleanse our souls in blood
We’ll all bathe in blood, my darling
Dead in the sea of blood
We’ll all bath in blood
It’s raining blood tonight
Track Name: Dellamorte Dellamore
Death, Death, Death, comes sweeping down
Filthy Death, that leering clown
She blew in with the autumn breeze
A vibrant flower emanating beauty throughout this macabre garden of my existence
Intrigued by her glance, her smile conjured a lust within me
A new level of infatuation that delved beyond sense, beyond reason
And there, upon the foundation of our love, she knew life no more
Soon her blood will cease to flow
I can’t believe I’m watching her go
Hear me light, return her to life
And her body, it grows so cold
And now death is all that I know
I’d kill them all to bring her to life
Death, the spawn of Cain, has come to take her away
He has robbed her of life, a husk to rot and decay
In time, Death will come and snuff out every flame
There is no use for the light, for all love is in vain
Her image ever haunting me
Will I see her again
Love equals death equals
Pain, shattering my mind, leaking its black fluids
Painting the world a darker shade of gray
Curse of an elegiac love
So alone, yet she is everywhere
Track Name: The House up on the Hill
Dead white eyes are unforgiving
A silent stare right through the living
The ghostly figures haunt the halls
A lone child cries within its walls
Fear the echoes of the morning silence
Eerie fog enshrouding nightmare violence
Chilling howls from the surrounding forest
The beasts of prey joined in nocturnal chorus
The house up on the hill
It is my nightmare hell
The house up on the hill
The basement’s calling where the demon’s lurking
Now you are descending and you will not escape from this house
You can’t turn back now, you hear it come near
Out from the darkness you see the true face of fear
This house it haunts me, knows my every fear
Why can’t I wake up and get away from here
This house it haunts me, forever taunts me
I shall never get away from here
Track Name: Dream Master [bonus track]
I am training hard tonight
Gotta punch the shit out of this bag
I’ve gotta train, I’ve gotta kick, I’ve gotta fight
For when I sleep tonight
I’ll get you, Freddy, I will kick your fucked up face
Nunchuck you in the eyes and karate chop your waist
I’ll sweep your legs and trip you back to hell, you’ll see
Come here and challenge me
What’s up with your stupid hat
And ugly sweater, it’s not Christmas time
Come and invade my dreams, it’d make my fuckin’ day
‘Cause I know karate
I go to sleep, he’s in my dream
Clawed right hand, he’s an evil fiend
He thinks he scares me, no fuckin’ way
I’ll roundhouse his charred face any day
I jump kick him now in his head
Don’t even care if he’s already dead
He tries to slash me, I flip away
This dream demon’s nothing but a pussy
I’ll get you, Freddy, I will kick your fucked up face
Nunchuck you in the eyes and karate chop your waist
I’ll sweep your legs and trip you back to hell, bastard
‘Cause I’m the dream master
I am the dream master, I’ll fight the demon of the night